Anna Hilden

Anna Hilden

Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind, Ringkøbing

With over a decade of industry experience, Anna provides advanced meteorological services to clients in the renewable energy sector for safer and more efficient offshore operations.

Anna's Story

“One of the most exciting elements of my job is experiencing the perfect match between our clients’ needs in the renewable energy sector and what StormGeo can provide. I’m happy to be making my small contribution to a greener world.”

Anna joined the team in 2008 to help set up StormGeo’s first office outside of Norway, the Danish office. This office was intended to be, and proved to become, the ‘bridge to the continent’ and a stepping stone to the huge expansion that has since occurred – StormGeo is now present in 22 countries around the globe.

“I enjoy witnessing and being a part of our global expansion: I thrive when working towards a goal and making things happen.”

With a background of working in meteorology, as well as experience from a leading wind turbine OEM, Anna is well placed to find the right services for our clients in the renewable energy sector. She has experience from all parts of the value chain, from programming through project and product management, through to sales.

“I care about reducing the climate and environmental footprints of man’s activities through technology.”

Anna manages the business development initiatives at StormGeo within the offshore wind industry. Her primary objective is to assist clients in ensuring the safe and efficient execution of construction and Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities. StormGeo's metocean forecasting and helicopter flight planning solutions have been utilized extensively across numerous wind projects worldwide.

“I look forward to seeing and contributing to the growth of the renewables business in StormGeo, for the benefit of the company, our clients and the world around us.”


Anna holds a MSc degree in Meteorology and Mathematics.