Manel Ceperuelo

Manel Ceperuelo

DataOps Manager, Bergen

Manel is a DataOps Manager at StormGeo’s R&D team in Bergen. With a PhD in Meteorology, he specializes in a number of topics, including meteorological research, severe weather, numerical weather prediction and nowcasting (forecasting within a six hour window).

Manel’s Story

“Since I started at StormGeo in 2012, I have been challenged to do many different things, some easier than others, but that’s why I enjoy working here.”

Manel has always been interested in outdoor and weather-related activities. As a keen snowboarder, surfer and windsurfer, his curiosity and interest in the weather led him to study physics and meteorology.

After graduating with a master’s degree in meteorology and climatology from the University of Barcelona, his PhD, entitled, Identification, Characterization and Nowcasting Convective Cells Using Weather Radars was awarded in 2009.

A few years later, in 2012, Manel sought a position that would put this knowledge and experience to good use. “I decided to apply for a job that suited my professional and personal interests and, from these and a meteorological point of view, StormGeo was the perfect fit."

He continued, "I have been involved in many projects, but for me, the most interesting ones have been in developing weather visualization tools, on-demand image production and pre-production forecasting tools. I also enjoy research projects related to StormGeo’s performance, such as those that deal with data processing, data flow, data inventory and common tools for big data processing.”

Manel has expertise in working with various data formats, which can be difficult, but gives him an overview of different systems. “This allows me to make and design tools for handling different data formats.”

Something Manel says he is proud of is creating, from scratch, a first approach to a meteorological workstation, called RHAP (Rainfall Events and Hailstorms Analysis Program). Developed during his PhD, this workstation allowed him to plot and process together numerical model data, weather radar data, point observations and geospatial data.

He was also responsible for creating a flexible nowcasting system, based on radar observations and optical flow, for predicting precipitation intensity two hours ahead. He says, “Severe weather events are my passion, especially from data processing and forecasting points of view.”

“I like to make continuous improvements, so I appreciate that StormGeo is always open to proposals from our talented research team. Of course, being surrounded by friendly and talented colleagues makes the work even more enjoyable.”


Severe weather, radar nowcasting, meteorological workstations, weather forecasting, image production, data science


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Manel holds a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Barcelona.