Martin Qvindesland Grønnevet

Martin Qvindesland Grønnevet

Vice President, Operations & Client Services, Bergen

Heads up StormGeo’s operations and customer service team. As the company’s chief meteorologist, Martin spearheads the development of StormGeo’s services and co-ordinates the work methodology along all operational units.

Martin’s Story

“My greatest satisfaction comes from operationalizing the science, when we are converting highly advanced scientific material into operational decision-making support that matters to each individual – whether it’s a skier, a master of a vessel, a farmer or an offshore operator.”

Born in the rainy city of Bergen, Norway, Martin quickly developed an interest in the workings of weather.

“It’s no wonder that modern weather forecasting science, along with the Bergen School of Meteorology, was developed in West Norway, as we are constantly hammered by Lows and Fronts.

Growing up in this environment, the attraction and dependency of weather became a natural entry point to professional work life – first, to seek better information in private activities as a skier and climber, but later also in the science of weather prediction and how it affects people.”

After completing a Cand. Scient. degree in Meteorology, Martin became a weather forecaster in 2000.

“My grandfather was a fisherman at the West coast of Norway – his long-range weather forecast was listening to the observations at Rockall (fishing banks NW of Ireland), assuming the weather would propagate eastwards within the next few days.

Luckily, weather forecasting has evolved into a more precise science, but the general challenge is still the same: analyze all available information and make a decision based on that. Today, the overwhelming amount of information and the demands for efficiency and sensitivity are making our role even more important.”

Martin became chief meteorologist at StormGeo in 2003. Since then, operations have grown from just 5 dedicated staff members in Bergen, to 150+ in Operations worldwide.

“Our goal is to help clients better understand their environmental challenges – weather, engineering, logistical – and point at where we can contribute to the solution.”

Recent Achievements

  • Product owner of Forecast production system for our Offshore and onshore clients
  • Implementing the operational forecast center in Moscow
  • Development of products and services for long range weather window planning
  • Daily coordination of forecasting support from our worldwide forecasting centers
  • Streamlining our global customer service for the shipping industry




Martin holds a Cand. Scient. degree in Meteorology from the University of Bergen.