Energy & Power Markets Analysis

Energy and power markets are changing constantly.

So how does StormGeo assist our clients navigate the energy and power markets?

Our edge is in our approach:

✅To make the best decisions, there needs to be careful navigation and analysis.
✅By taking a power markets focus, we offer more extensive and specific solutions and services.
✅We combine advanced data, domain expertise, and actionable analysis into one service.
✅Allowing us to both forecast and activate this data for our clients.

Our analysis reveals coherence between numerous price drivers, enabling us to explain substitution pricing, and ultimately consequences for future pricing of various commodities.

Speak to one of the StormGeo Nena team today and discover how our power market analyses can help you.
Power market product range

Nordic power markets

Nena offers a full range of fundamental analysis for the Nordic power market in the short, medium and long term.

European Power Markets

Accurate hourly spot and short-term analysis for the next day, week and three weeks for Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands power markets.

Coal market analysis

We cover the global coal market with special emphasis on China and Europe.

Emissions market analysis

Nena publishes a daily and weekly Emissions reports with European Emission Allowances (EUA) price prognosis.

Nordic power market outlook

Scenario-based analysis with updated price prognosis for all Nordic price areas and neighboring countries.

Nordic renewables outlook

The new Nordic Renewable Outlook includes renewable investment potentials and expected renewable development in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Key benefits

In-house modelling

Nena builds fundamental models and methods with strong emphasis on a combination of economic theory, market models, weather impacts and marginal cost calculations.

Transfer of knowledge

Throughout the years, Nena has compiled reliable and consistent analyses with a proven track record.

Our competence

Our client base includes energy majors, utilities, funds, banks, shipping companies and private investors. They are looking to strengthen their focus in commodity trading or in need of advice on investments.


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