Coal Market Analysis

Stay ahead with daily, weekly, and monthly reports, with a strong focus on the fundamentals and other critical market movers. On top of a daily coal market price direction expectation, comes frequent coal curve price forecasts. StormGeo Nena provides valuable coal market insights and forecasts for informed decision-making.

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Key benefits

Coal Price Forecasts

Based on a strong focus on fundamental updates and outlook considerations, along with other critical market news and fuel switch calculations, we analyze and project the global coal supply/demand balance. This analysis is accompanied by global market price trends and our own price forecasts for Europe API2.

Cross-energy analysis

Through the integrated analysis of multiple power markets, the EU ETS emissions market, and the global coal market, while also closely monitoring the gas market, we gain additional critical insights that we deliver to our customers.

Weather drivers

With over two decades of experience and a specific focus on various weather drivers such as temperatures, precipitation, hydrology, as well as capacity expansions in solar and wind, we monitor and project sudden and structural impacts on the coal market.

Details and Specifications


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Our Coal Daily web offers access to:

  • Daily coal prices around major supply regions providing an overview of the supply and demand balance in the Atlantic versus Pacific.
  • Freight cost development for all major routes connecting buyers and sellers.
  • Daily arbitrage opportunity matrix in the global coal market, helps depict shifts in trade flow trends.
  • Daily coal burn in power for seven major European countries provide an overview of coal demand from the power sector in Europe.
  • Wind & solar power index for EU7 offers an overview of how much coal can be replaced by wind and solar in power generation in NW Europe. Wind, solar and coal power forecasts for Germany stress out the impact from renewables.
  • Weather drivers: temperature anomalies in major demand centres, precipitation at major ports and Rhine river levels to catch demand strength during heating/cooling season and potential supply disruptions to coal supply.
  • Coal-to-gas switching in Europe and Asia indicating the risks faced by coal prices from gas price volatility.
  • Hydropower index in China: as hydropower is the second most important power generation source in China, it represents a major driver for coal demand in power production.
  • Coal consumption in power and inventories levels at Indian power plants offer an impression on coal import demand.
Coal market analysis

Coal Market Analysis

We cover the global coal market, emphasising China, India, and Europe.

  • Web-based platform with daily coal market comment from our analysts, a directional price forecast for API2 and data access for your own use
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports

StormGeo Nena Coal Weekly report offers short term directional coal price forecasts for API2, API4 and API8, while Nena Coal Monthly presents scenario-based price forecasts for API2 (CIF ARA) front month and next four quarters.

We calculate the coal power output for major European countries and the coal-to-gas switching price in Europe. We assess the Global Arbitrage Coal Matrix in order to depict trade flow opportunities and trends.

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A global perspective on coal

The StormGeo Nena Coal reports focus on major power markets and coal supply regions to highlight weather, political (e.g China’s coal policies) and economic risk factors affecting the global coal market balance.

The coal and dry freight team at Nena work closely to monitor the global steam coal market by covering market fundamentals that influence supply, demand, cash costs, freight cost and arbitrage opportunities in both the Atlantic and Pacific coal markets.

The reports provide scenario analyses, offering clients a comprehensive insight into the European thermal coal balance and in-depth understanding of coal price effects.

Coal workshop

StormGeo Nena offers workshops at client premises or at the Nena office in Oslo where pre-agreed topics related to the coal market are presented and discussed. Use this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the market and to challenge Nena.

Coal market analysis team

Coal market analysis front team

Sigbjørn Seland, our Chief Analyst, and Sigurd Lie, Senior Analyst, lead the experienced coal market team at StormGeo Nena. With 15 years of dedicated coal analysis, StormGeo Nena has established itself as a trusted authority in the industry.

Speak to one of the StormGeo Nena team today and discover how our power market analyses can help you.

Nena Analysis

Nena Analysis

Nena Analysis builds fundamental models and methods with strong emphasis on a combination of economic theory, market models, weather impacts and marginal cost calculations.

Our analyses reveal coherence between numerous price drivers, enabling us to explain substitution pricing, and ultimately consequences for future pricing of various commodities.

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