Emissions Market Analysis

Discover StormGeo Nena's daily and weekly Emissions reports, delivering precise European Emission Allowances (EUA) price prognosis to help you navigate the market with confidence.

Emission market analysis
Key benefits

Market analysis

The analysis offers up-to-date EUA price forecasts available through a package of 5 daily and one weekly report. The service is complemented with access to data on SG Nena’s FTP server. 

25 years of excellence

Throughout the years, StormGeo Nena has established a solid reputation for compiling reliable and consistent analyses, backed by a proven track record.

Details and Specifications


emissions market

Emissions Market Analysis

StormGeo Nena publishes daily and weekly Emissions reports, including daily updates on EUAs target price projections, along with comprehensive substitution price indices. Weekly, or more frequently if considered needed, we discuss impacts from weather, fuel prices, and industries, such as the heavy-emitter steel sector. We keep account of historical emissions by sector and country, and we forecast future emissions with the same detail. The service is complemented with access to data on StormGeo Nena’s FTP server.


Coal market analysis team

Emissions market analysis front team 

StormGeo Nena's Emissions analysis front team has been actively analyzing the Emissions market since 2004. The reports are produced by our Nordic and Continental European power desks, led by Sigbjørn Seland, Chief Analyst, and supported by Sigurd Lie, Senior Analyst.

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Nena Analysis

Nena Analysis

StormGeo Nena builds fundamental models and methods with a strong emphasis on a combination of economic theory, market models, weather impacts, and marginal cost calculations. Our analyses reveal coherence among numerous price drivers, enabling us to explain substitution pricing and, ultimately, the consequences for future pricing of various commodities.

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