Nordic Power Markets

Nena offers a full range of fundamental analysis for the Nordic power market in the short, medium and long term.

Using StormGeo Power Market Analysis
Key benefits

In-house developed models

Nena gives full insight into the Nordic power market with comprehensive coverage of impact from weather, hydrology, thermal- and renewable power generation.

Price forecasts

The analysis offers up-to-date price forecasts available through a package of 6-7 daily reports and a live web service complemented with access to data on Nena’s FTP server.

Power price prognosis

Nena’s price prognosis is published daily for most traded products from day-ahead to next weeks, month, quarters and year.

Details and Specifications


Overview Nordic power markets tier 3

Nordic power price prognosis

Nena’s price prognoses are published daily for most traded products from day-ahead to next weeks, month, quarters and year. In addition to the system price, Nena offers area price prognosis for NO2, NO4, SE3 and FI for the next 20 days on hourly resolution.

We perform daily sensitivity analysis on front week contracts as well as scenario-based price modelling once a week for months and quarters ahead.

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See it for yourself: There have been exceptional times in the commodity markets over the past year and no one has been able to predict all the fluctuations.

Despite that, our Nordic Power Short-term Report has more often given the right trading signals than the opposite, and our accumulated track record has really skyrocketed over the past year - demonstrating that if you trade weekly futures contracts based on StormGeo Nena Short-term Nordic report you can accumulate a significant profit.

Weather impact on power balance

Nena offers real time updates of power balance impact from weather models EC, GFS on the Nena web throughout the day, with daily weather reports sent every morning. A daily comment from a StormGeo meteorologist is presented online and in the Morning Update report. All EC runs for temperature and precipitation are shown in maps. Nena offers access to monthly and seasonal weather forecasts.

HR Nordic power markets tier 3

Hydrology and Reservoir analysis par excellence

The hydropower resource presented by Nena is crucial information for anyone exposed to Nordic power. Since 1997 Nena’s analysts have continuously improved the modelling of Nordic hydrology, with the latest revision done in 2014-2015. Divided per price area in Norway, Sweden and Finland, Nena analyzes snow, groundwater and soil moisture, effective precipitation, inflow energy and water reservoir content.

Influence from fuel and bordering markets

Nena’s Nordic team works closely with Nena’s European power desk and fuel analysts. This enables shared views on the bordering power markets Germany (France), Netherlands, Russia and Baltics as well as markets for gas, LNG, coal and dry freight. Understanding the fuel complex coupled with strong hydrological modelling is key in Nena’s Nordic power analysis.

Nordic analyst team

Nordic power is Nena’s core market. Headed by chief analyst Sigbjørn Seland, the Nordic desk includes senior analyst and hydrologist Pål Svendse and energy analyst, Sondre Heggheim. Together they provide Nena clients with a complete market overview on a daily basis. Operating side by side with Nena’s continental European power desk and fuel desk, the team is well informed of changes in price-moving factors.

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Energy and Power Markets

Energy and Power Markets

The Energy and Power Markets team builds fundamental models and methods with strong emphasis on a combination of economic theory, market models, weather impacts and marginal cost calculations.

Our analyses reveal coherence between numerous price drivers, enabling us to explain substitution pricing, and ultimately consequences for future pricing of various commodities.

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