s-Insight gives you the tools to manage the commercial, technical and environmental performance of your entire fleet.

Work with StormGeo's world-leading Fleet Performance Center to validate and interpret your data throughout your voyage. Use our monthly/quarterly reports to see where you can cut costs and keep your fleet compliant. Or take advantage of our ad hoc investigation service.

Key benefits

Boosts commercial fleet performance

Improved ship-to-shore communication improves the financial result of the voyage by making joint decisions in terms of time and fuel.

Drives technical performance

Comprehensive view that integrates voyage, hull and propeller, engine and systems performance to identify cost saving measures.

Delivers environmental performance

Ensure that the vessel is always compliant with EU MRV, IMO DCS and Sea Cargo Charter regulations by simple, trustworthy data reporting system, plus ESI, CSI, CCWG.

Product range
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s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream.

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s-Insight | Commercial

Get a complete overview of your entire fleet independent of hardware, including fuel and time information you can act on immediately.

s-Insight | Bunker

Streamline planning and procurement by managing the entire bunker workflow from a single view, with the most accurate market insights and full control over your data.

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s-Insight | Technical

Identify cost-saving measures that integrate voyage, hull and propeller, engine, and systems performance through customizable dashboards, analytics, and reporting.

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s-Insight | Environmental Performance

Monitor the environmental impact on emissions, improve the environmental performance, and keep the fleet compliant with decarbonization regulations and initiatives through simple, trustworthy data reporting and validation.

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s-Insight | Performance Center

Receive comprehensive and customizable fleet monitoring services along the voyage, complete with alerting, reporting, and ad hoc investigative services for efficiency and cost savings.

Get a handle on your entire fleet’s performance. Contact the StormGeo team today.
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