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Wisdom Marine Group Signs with StormGeo to Boost Fleet Performance

Wisdom Marine Group Signs with StormGeo to Boost Fleet Performance

Nov 29, 2022

The Taiwan-based marine transportation services provider Wisdom Marine Group partners with StormGeo to efficiently monitor fleet position and performance and comply with decarbonization regulations.

Wisdom Marine Group is the largest dry bulk shipowner in Taiwan by vessel count. The company manages close to 140 vessels and employs more than 2,800 seafarers and 160 shore staff to handle all aspects of its commercial and technical fleet management. Founded in 1999 and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2010, with GDRs being listed on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange since 2013, the company's primary business is the acquisition, management, and operation of dry bulk vessels, focusing on the Handysize, Ultramax and Kamsarmax sectors.

Wisdom Marine Group signed with StormGeo in 2017 and currently uses s-Insight to improve its entire fleet's commercial and environmental performance. With s-Insight, Wisdom Marine Group can keep track of vessel position and speed and monitor the weather to enhance safety and commercial management. In addition, StormGeo’s onboard reporting tool facilitates the crew’s daily reporting and allows automatic entry of the validated data into StormGeo’s s-Insight for EU MRV and IMO DCS regulatory compliance.

“StormGeo’s s-Insight is incredibly user-friendly and helps us easily monitor vessel positions and performance,” says James Lan, Chairman of Wisdom Marine Group. “It allows our operators to build their own layout through a highly customizable interface and contain a lot of information that we can use for cross-checking and monitoring vessel performance. s-Insight is a great help in our operators’ daily work, and StormGeo always gives us prompt technical support if and when we need it.”

s-Insight is part of the StormGeo s-Suite, an integrated one-stop shipping solution, including voyage planning and onboard route optimization, route advisory services, and fleet performance management. All data collected onboard is visible in real-time through the s-Insight module, giving vessel owners, operators, and managers timely, actionable information to maximize both voyage and vessel performance. By leveraging s-Insight, Wisdom Marine Group can easily validate data throughout its voyages, find cost-cutting opportunities, and keep its fleet compliant.

“Wisdom Marine is more than a customer. They are a valuable partner whose feedback enables us to improve continuously,” says Petty Leung, Managing Director of Greater China at StormGeo. “I am encouraged to learn how Wisdom Marine has incorporated quality-checked and well-organized data into their in-house system and workflow, transforming voyage information into actionable means in tackling the great decarbonization challenges. The experience of playing a part in this journey helps us to reflect on the importance of collaborating with the users.”

Learn more about StormGeo’s s-Insight.

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