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Assists operators and bunker buyers in finding the best bunker purchasing plan and improves voyage margins by hundreds of $/day while considering all operational, regulatory, environmental, and commercial constraints.

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Key benefits

Save Time and Reduce Cost

Automatically assess bunker plan based on vessel data, specific schedule, and bunker market prices.

Daily Bunker Planning Digest

A daily email digest focuses on bunkering activities that are relevant today, with the payback period of the solution measured in weeks.

Easy and quick Setup

Can be set up very quickly, as it interfaces with your existing Voyage Management System (VMS).

Details & Specifications

s-Insight | Bunker is a standalone bunker procurement optimization tool that will be integrated into the s-Insight portal soon.

It brings the power of advanced digital technologies to the marine bunkering segment. Our state-of-the-art algorithms and data platforms help you uncover bunkering strategies and market insights that directly impact your organization’s bottom line.

StormGeo s insight bunker improve workflows

Simplify complex workflows

Makes recommendations on the optimal quantity and type of fuel to lift at each location based on a wide range of operational constraints and commingling constraints such as: 

  • Tank capacities
  • Margin requirements
  • SECAs
  • Fuel quarantines
StormGeo s insight bunker combine voyage plans

Combine both commercial and operational voyage plans

Allows using vessel-related data (specifics, position, route, ETA, and tank capacity), bunker prices, primary and alternative bunkering port details, sailing distances and rules, and Emission Control Zones requirements to generate an actionable bunker strategy for each vessel of the fleet.

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The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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