s-Insight | Commercial

Get a complete overview of your entire fleet independent of hardware, including fuel and time information you can act on immediately.

Map and weather
Key benefits

Actionable information

Get the full view of relevant voyage and vessel data at a glance and make timely decisions to reduce costs and ensure safety, including vessels and voyage legs currently not routed by StormGeo.

Keep track of voyage performance

Confidence levels, based on ensemble forecasts, as well as speed & consumption variance help you estimate the economic impact on the voyage.

Ship-to-shore transparency

Seamless ship-to-shore communication means the onboard crew and fleet manager can work together to improve the financial result of the voyage and make joint decisions about time and fuel.

Details & Specifications

s-Insight | Commercial integrates weather, voyage reporting, sensor data and expert assistance to provide profound levels of decision support to ship owners or liner and tramp operators. 

Map and weather

Map and weather 

Display ship positions and actual vessel tracks of your entire fleet. See where your assets are trading and which ports are being called at. Monitor if your fleet is encountering heavy weather with data on surface pressure, wind, significant wave heights, current, tropical storms, ice and more. 

s-Insight | Commercial also allows you to view vessels operating in environmentally controlled areas or passing war risk areas. 

Fleet overview 

s-Insight | Commercial provides comprehensive fleet overviews to monitor essential key metrics to detect vessels that need attention and require further review.  

Vessel view

Vessel view 

Vessel View provides a comprehensive dashboard by means of pre-defined widgets each displaying corresponding data.

Vessel View enables you to compare actual and optimum voyage progress and to recognize performance deficiencies by comparing reported data with expected data in line with benchmark terms or active baselines.  

Simplified ENC overlay

Simplified ENC overlay 

s-Insight | Commercial provides unofficial electronic navigation chart background to support planning and decision making that require information about local conditions such as water depths, anchorage, port approaches, and traffic separation schemes. 



s-Insight | Commercial provides a comprehensive overview of the essential current commercial performance indicators of a vessel and/or fleet, and allows you to identify performance deficiencies at a glance.  
The infoboard can be set as the landing page of s-Insight for quick access to actionable information. 

Daily performance numbers DPN

Daily performance numbers (DPNs) 

DPNs allow you to analyze the reported data and the calculated performance numbers. The events are divided into Event Groups and the views can be configured.

You can access and export all reported data that has been enhanced through the addition of StormGeo-specific data, e.g. weather and current factors, pre-calculated averages, kg/nm, %MCR, emissions, and more. 

Leg Summary

Leg Summary 

Allows you to access, combine and export performance and emission data of completed legs within a certain period.

The information can be filtered for Departments, Vessels and/or Voyage Legs. 

Event timeline

Event timeline 

See a complete voyage history in chronological order and access all voyage reports submitted by the Master.

Add events in relation to ship condition or the vessel being unavailable due to hull cleaning, propeller polishing, dry docking, off hire, and more.

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