s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream.

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Key benefits

Monitor fleet performance

An onshore system collects data for the entire fleet in operational reports and management reports. Operational reports include log abstracts, noon, departure and arrival, bunker, ballast water operations, disposals and many more. Management reports include EEOI for fleets.

Protect the environment

Environmental reporting schemes EU-MRV and IMO DCS are supported through simple, trustworthy data reporting.

Get data quality assurance

The system includes comprehensive plausibility checking and data quality/consistency assurance against ship-specific technical data. All data is structured for re-use in any type of analysis or reporting to stakeholder.

Details & Specifications

The quality of operational data is essential for fleet performance analysis and is a challenge without an intuitive system on board with proper plausibility checks. s-Insight | Log brings traditional ship-to-shore reporting systems into one user-friendly solution that complies with EU-MRV regulations. 

ready Ensures data quality

Ensures data quality 

An onboard module provides data reporting with intelligent validation that immediately alerts officers to potential reporting errors or implausible data.

Event-based reports are logged on the onshore server for further evaluation.

All data can be sent automatically to stakeholders such as the operation department, technical and fleet management or third parties. 

ready Unique fleet performance analysis

Unique fleet performance analysis 

The data collected onboard in s-Insight | Log can easily be presented in StormGeo’s Performance Management portal, s-Insight.

s-Insight provides comprehensive performance dashboards, benchmarks and industry data such as AIS, fuel quality or weather data.

Combined, you have all the information for industry best practice performance management. 

ready Intuitive workflow and intelligent data checks

Intuitive workflow and intelligent data checks 

s-Insight | Log strikes the balance between completely manual reporting systems, which often suffer from data quality issues, and less controlled automated performance monitoring.

It is simple to use without requiring onboard training and easy to implement across your fleet. You can further integrate this information into your internal processes. 

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