s-Insight | Mobile App

Get instant access to your vessel’s sea passage progress, schedule, KPIs and alerts all from your mobile.

Key benefits

Actionable data at your fingertips

Access key voyage and vessel performance metrics instantly.

Stay informed each step of the way

Voyage progress and ETA information keeps you on track.

Seamless sync with web

See the same information regardless of if you are using s-Insight's web or mobile application.

Details & Specifications


s Insight Vessel Alerts v2

Vessel Specific Alerts

Daily alerts on performance and data quality issues that are crucial to the commercial and technical performance of your vessels.

s Insight KPI rev1 v2

Customizable Key Performance Indicators

Choose from a variety of KPIs available in your s-Insight, such as Average ME and AE Consumption, Fuel Over/Under Consumption, Average ME Load and more.

s Insight Mobile AppPerformance

Sea Passage Progress and Vessel Schedule

See each vessel in a list or map display, with regards to scheduled and Estimated Time of Arrival for current and upcoming voyages.


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