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Receive comprehensive and customizable fleet monitoring services along the voyage, complete with alerting, reporting, and ad hoc investigative services for efficiency and cost savings.

StormGeo Fleet Performance Center
Key benefits

Data quality reliability checks

StormGeo helps you validate and interpret your data to ensure top fleet performance. Our experts improve the quality of your data throughout the voyage and communicate data validation with both ship management and the crew on board.

Ship-to-shore transparency

Improved ship-to-shore communication ensures the crew onboard and the fleet manager can maximize the output of the vessel by making joint decisions in terms of energy efficiency and operational costs.

Fuel efficiency alerts

Regular alerts are cross-checked by StormGeo's Performance Managers to verify validity before we send them out. Alerts are customizable per vessel. We also look at why performance is different between vessels and what to do about it.

Details & Specifications

Our Fleet Performance Centers in Hamburg and Singapore keep experienced nautical and technical staff “in the loop”.

A specifically developed monitoring system checks all incoming data and the fleet performance teams advise you on performance optimizations daily, monthly and ad hoc, e.g. when a claims case comes up or a vessel is heavily underperforming. 

Alert Services

Daily alerting of main performance drivers, compliance and data quality issues. All alerts are customized, validated and commented on by StormGeo's team before being sent to the vessel. 

Report Services

Receive monthly or quarterly performance reports for your entire fleet and/or individual vessels. Specific KPI’s are displayed in a traffic light format, giving you actionable information at first glance.

StormGeo's Performance Managers give you advice and recommendations on performance levers.

s-Insight | Performance Center provides the following Alerts and Reports Services:

Voyage execution

Speed management (ETA, Speed Order); Speed/RPM variation; Charter Party compliance and Hidden off-hire times. 

Hull and Propeller 

Trim adherence and Hull/Propeller fouling.

Engine and System 

Redundant auxiliary engine operation; Redundant boiler usage; Auxiliary engine charter party consumption compliance and Cylinder oil consumption (2-stroke). 


Sounding corrections; Remaining Onboard Bunker and Sludge disposal. 


EU-MRV / IMO-DCS compliance and Disposal (waste, bilge, and more) 

Data Quality

Reporting completeness; Reported vs. AIS speed/position; Reported vs. satellite weather; Work-Consumption plausibility; Cargo reporting and Reporting event logic. 

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