s-Insight | Technical

Identify cost-saving measures that integrate voyage, hull and propeller, engine, and systems performance through customizable dashboards, analytics, and reporting.

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Key benefits

Customizable dashboards and analytics

We can customize dashboards, analytics and reports for various stakeholders to enhance transparency across your organization.

Dedicated Fleet Performance Center support

Unique to the shipping industry, StormGeo's Fleet Performance Center offers tailored data validation, interpretation and analysis, as well as fuel-saving recommendations. Ad hoc investigations are also on offer.

Hardware independent

s-Insight | Technical works with all major systems on the shipping market. It integrates not only with our own systems but also with your own, as well as all third-party solutions. This ensures secure communication and standardized data exchange.

Details & Specifications


Ready Hull and propeller module

Hull and Propeller module 

Highly advanced hull and propeller degradation computations compare measured and required power at each speed, draft and trim condition.

Dashboard, tables and analysis are available for slip, propulsion efficiency and trim adherence.  

Ready Engine and systems module

Engine and systems module 

Assess the usage and condition of your engine and systems for optimal performance. Avoid, for example, running too many auxiliary engines or using the boiler despite enough engine load.

Parameters such as SFOC, SCOC, TC speed, Pmax, and Pcomb are taken into account. 

Ready Fuel Quality Module

Fuel Quality module 

You can use first-time fuel quality data for performance management. All Veritas Petroleum Service (VPS) lab test results are available to gauge the impact of, for example, energy content or CCAI on vessel performance.

You can use this in Charter Party agreements and to help you choose a good quality port and supplier. 

Ready Operating profile

Operating profile 

Display a vessel’s operating profile for a specific time span or individual legs.

s-Insight | Technical shows crucial parameters at a glance – including performance speed, trim, cargo use, engine load, trading in good/bad weather and ECA zones. 

Ready KPI dashboard

KPI dashboard 

Provides a quick overview of when your fleet, a group of vessels or individual vessels are deployed.

See how many days have been spent at sea or what types of fuel have been consumed. s-Insight | Commercial displays these and all your other important KPIs in one diagram. 

Ready Event timeline

Event timeline 

See a complete voyage history in chronological order and access all voyage reports submitted by the Master.

Add events in relation to ship condition or the vessel being unavailable due to hull cleaning, propeller polishing, dry docking, off hire, etc. 

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The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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