StormGeo Shipping launches s-Planner Publications

Introducing s-Planner | Publications, a digital nautical publication reader, bookstore and vessel document library

An evolution of the successful NaviTab, s-Planner | Publications is a flexible solution that enables customers to have access to NaviTab software from a Windows 10 PC. It comes with a license for two separate installations to provide a backup copy in line with regulations.

Key features of s-Planner | Publications include:

  • a built-in bookstore which brings together nautical publications from common sources, eliminating physical libraries;
  • advanced search, annotation, and copy & paste features so that bridge officers can access the content they need within seconds;
  • automatic updates to publications, eliminating the need to manually correct documents and cutting down on freight costs; and
  • an upload function which allows additional company specific documents to be pushed to your fleet’s devices. 

s-Planner | Publications is an integral element of StormGeo’s all-in-one system for voyage planning, route optimization, fleet performance management, and optimum ship routing.