s-Planner | Seakeeping

StormGeo's Seakeeping module helps captains mitigate the risks of resonant rolling and cargo loss by providing anti-roll assistance and seakeeping information to vessel crews during the voyage.

s Planner overview with dynamic stability
Key benefits

Visualize rolling risks

Convenient traffic light displays show rolling risks along your planned route.

Identify corrective actions

 Easy-to-grasp polar diagrams identify rolling risks based on different speeds and headings, helping you make safe and accurate decisions.

Avoid cargo loss

Efficiently mitigate cargo loss risks and keep crews and vessels safe by optimizing course and speed or choosing a different route.

StormGeo Admiralty Distributor v3

StormGeo is an authorized paper & digital distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. 

Digital Products

  • ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS)
  • ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP)
  • ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENP)


  • Print On Demand (POD)

Details & Specifications

s-Planner | Seakeeping applies DNV’s hydrodynamic computation method for seakeeping and two complementary simulation methods validated over 15 years to provide a solid basis for resonant roll event predictions.

With StormGeo's interface and DNV's model, the tool offers specific operational guidance to crews to help them avoid rolling risks during the voyage.

Learn more about the partnership between StormGeo and DNV.

SG Seakeeping weather conditions

Up-to-date Weather Conditions

Apply weather conditions to your route to assess dynamic stability risks.

SG Seakeeping route alert

Overview with Route Warnings

Leverage our traffic light scheme to easily visualize parametric rolling risks directly on your route.

SG Seakeeping polar diagram

Polar Diagrams for Vessel Visualization

Display the vessel’s position and heading on an easy-to-grasp polar diagram for better situation analysis and proactive decision-making.

SG Seakeeping Lashing load

Monitor Container Lashing Conditions

Proactively monitor various lashing conditions based on factors that reduce cargo loss risks, such as vessel speed and wave heights.

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The s-Planner onboard integrates route optimization and weather insights with the up-to-date Electronic Navigational Charts to streamline your passage planning workflow.

By allowing ship and shore to see the same accurate route, ocean and weather data, s-Planner makes it easy for you to collaborate on a safe, fuel efficient and compliant passage.

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