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Chembulk Tankers Increased their Fuel Savings Using StormGeo’s Strategic Power Routing

Chembulk Tankers owned and operated a specialized fleet of stainless-steel chemical tankers ranging from 8,500 -35,000 DWT, and trade specialty commodities globally. StormGeo, the leader in weather intelligence, ship routing and fleet performance management solutions, has provided Chembulk with ship routing advisory services since 2016.

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Recently, Chembulk upgraded their service to include StormGeo’s Strategic Power Routing (SPR). SPR integrates statistical speed loss and engine data (RPM and MCR) with weather algorithms to provide RPM recommendations to vessels. With SPR, Chembulk can maximize fuel savings, optimize power output, and reduce the emissions of their vessels, all while keeping safe from adverse weather.


Strategic Power Routing is a key component to StormGeo’s s-Suite and is the latest addition to StormGeo’s Route Advisory Services. Unlike traditional sailing where a vessel maintains a single speed regardless of weather conditions, SPR guides a vessel to port on time, safely, and in most cases with at least a 3% reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The benefits of SPR are even more attractive with the introduction of the new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

StormGeo Strategic Power Routing helps to optimize fuel and reduce emissions. Contact us to speak with a StormGeo representative.
Product range

s-Routing | Strategic Power Routing

Maintain constant power, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions by adjusting RPM based on track and weather forecast.

s-Routing | Classic Routing

StormGeo's expert Route Analysts factor in your vessel specifications and environmental conditions to identify the most cost-effective, sustainable and safe route.

s-Routing | Voyage Optimization

Manage total voyage cost both pre-voyage and en route, while quickly incorporating changes in the market and/or Required Time of Arrival.