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ETA Calculator | Decision-support Platform

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What is the ETA Calculator?

StormGeo's ETA calculator allows shippers to make quick decisions on a vessel’s sailing orders and upcoming port call. It takes the vessel performance and weather forecast into account for the remainder of a sea passage.

The ETA Calculator helps to answer: 

  • What are the costs or savings of advancing or delaying my ETA?
  • How does a change in speed order affect my ETA?
  • How does a specific consumption order affect my ETA?

Who has access to the ETA Calculator?

All ships engaging in tramp trade under StormGeo's Route Advisory Services have access to the ETA calculator within their decision-support platform.

How do you get started?

Simply fill out the form below to discuss our Route Advisory Services.

An In-Depth Look at the ETA Calculator

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Compare Up to Five Calculations

Users can add up to five new calculations for comparison. 

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Calculate with a Specific Parameter in Mind

When adding a new calculation, users can choose one of the following parameters:

  • New specific ETA
  • Specific desired CSS
  • Specific consumption
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Email to the Vessel with One Click

A new CSS calculation with corresponding consumption can be instantly emailed to the vessel.

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Input Costs to Support Calculation

These costs can be input to support the calculation:  

  • Fuel price outside ECA
  • Fuel price inside ECA
  • Daily hire rate
  • Daily future hire rate*

*Future hiring can be the demurrage rate and account for the value of time saved/lost on changing the ETA. 

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Simplified Data Visualization

After calculation, the positive values highlighted in red represent costs while the negative values highlighted in green denote gains.

Decision-support platform includes

ETA & Speed Confidence

How reliable is the calculated ETA based on instructed speed or the recommended speed in order to arrive as per schedule? Get alerted if the ETA or the schedule integrity is at risk. Our ETA calculator is included.

Speed & Consumption Variance

Stay on top of fuel costs and potential savings, which can be realized by adjusting the speed, as advised by our experts. You can also calculate the amount of additional fuel that would be used to arrive earlier. 

Progress Graph 

How diligently is the Master following the constant power strategy? Compare actual to optimum voyage progress at a constant power output in order to arrive fuel-efficient on time as request per schedule.

Compare Your Fleet to the Market

Compare the fuel efficiency of your vessel to a peer group of the same ship type, a similar size and age of the global fleet. Benchmark the commercial performance of your vessels in terms of fuel efficiency as well as Charter Party description to the market.