Fuel Optimization Services Plus (FOS+)

Optimize vessel speed to improve voyage performance and return on investment (ROI) with actionable advice from StormGeo’s experts. As a premium service of StormGeo's s-Routing Voyage Optimization, FOS+ identifies the best alternative voyage speed to improve the financial performance of your voyage.

Key benefits

Optimized Voyage Speed for Better ROI

Identify the best alternative voyage speed to improve ROI by considering the vessel’s variable costs and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Direct Advice from Experts

Give direct advice to the vessel on voyage speed to ensure timely decisions from the master with the approval of the operator.

Shore-based Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Combine FOS+ with s-Insight | Commercial to enable shore-based fuel consumption monitoring.

fos plus eta

Details & Specifications

FOS+ accurately estimates how ETA changes will affect the net profit or loss of vessel operations. Traditionally, a ship operator will calculate the value manually by estimating different ETA options, including future hire revenue. With FOS+, StormGeo's experts support your analyses and give you actionable advice on the best alternative vessel voyage speed for better ROI.

fos plus oil tanker

Consider different variable costs 

Our experts always consider different variable costs when advising on alternate voyage speeds.

  • Bunker Fuel Cost
  • Hire Cost
  • Future Hire Revenue
fos plus speed

Voyage Speed Optimization Updates

Get daily updates on the best alternative voyage speeds for your vessel. Our experts directly advise both the vessel crew and the operator to maintain transparent ship-to-shore communication.

StormGeo FOS PLUS consumption monitoring

Detailed Fleet Monitoring

When subscribing to FOS+, you gain access to s-Insight | Commercial, where you can monitor route, vessel position, and near real-time speed and consumption data onshore for enhanced business decisions.

With our Mobile App for s-Insight, available to all s-Insight customers for free, you can monitor your ships anytime and anywhere through your mobile device.

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