s-Routing | Strategic Power Routing

Maintain constant power, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions by adjusting RPM based on track and weather forecast.

Key benefits

Constant Power

Allows the vessel to run on constant power under safe conditions, reduce fuel consumption and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the voyage. 

Statistical Speed Loss

Statistical speed loss is calculated by vessel type based the speed in current ocean conditions vs. the reference speed in calm waters. This enables a precise RPM and MCR recommendation.

Superior Weather Forecast

StormGeo’s weather intelligence is rated the highest quality in the industry. We combine advanced data science with our Route Analysts and Fleet Performance experts to help you make the best decisions. 

Details & Specifications

When advising captains and fleet managers, our Route Analysts take every vessel specification into consideration, including vessel type, age, stability, cargo and speed. Combining that information with our in-house weather data—ocean currents, sea temperature, winds, swell and ice—enables us to set you on the right course, every time.

Pre Voyage Plan on screen

Pre-Voyage Planning

Prior to a voyage, StormGeo provides a detailed recommendation of RPM and Maximum Continuous Rating (%MCR) that takes the ordered speed, ETA, and weather and ocean forecast along the intended route into consideration.

Download a sample Pre-Voyage Plan here.

RPM Advisory on screen

Revolutions Per Minute Advisory

Accurately adjust your RPM throughout a voyage to avoid poor vessel performance due to weather, sea and current conditions.

Performance Analysis Based on Ordered Speed on Screen v2

Performance Analysis Based on Ordered Speed 

At the end of a voyage, StormGeo provides a full analysis of the actual speed over ground compared to ordered speed. The analysis includes predicted impact of weather and ocean currents, the engine's RPM and %MCR.

Ready ROI Report

Return on Investment Report

After every voyage, we provide a free ROI report detailing the Strategic Power Routing provided during a specific period of time and associated fuel and emission savings.

StormGeo ETA Calculator 920x1200

Powerful Decision-support Platform

Once subscribed to our StormGeo route advisory services, you gain access to a powerful decision-support platform where you have access to sailing route, vessel position and near real-time speed and consumption data, as well as current and forecast weather conditions.

The platform also includes: 

  • ETA & Speed Confidence - How reliable is the calculated ETA based on the instructed or recommended speed in order to arrive on schedule? Get alerted if your ETA or schedule integrity is at risk. StormGeo's proprietary ETA Calculator is also included.
  • Speed & Consumption Variance - Stay on top of fuel costs and potential savings, which can be realized by adjusting the speed, as advised by our experts. You can also calculate the amount of additional fuel that would be used to arrive earlier. 
  • Progress Graph - How diligently is the Master following the constant power strategy? Compare actual to optimum voyage progress at a constant power output in order to arrive fuel-efficient on time as request per schedule. 
  • Compare your fleet against the market - Compare the fuel efficiency of your vessel to a peer group of the same ship type, a similar size and age of the global fleet. Benchmark the commercial performance of your vessels in terms of fuel efficiency as well as Charter Party description to the market.

A Mobile App for s-Insight is freely available to all s-Insight customers. Monitor your ships anytime and anywhere, directly on your mobile device.

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