s-Routing | Voyage Optimization

Manage total voyage cost both pre-voyage and en route, while quickly incorporating changes in the market and/or Required Time of Arrival.

Key benefits

Voyage cost management

Optimize efficiency of time spent underway so as to better plan for follow-on employment of a vessel. Improve engine efficiency and fuel costs to maximize voyage profits.

RTA Service

StormGeo provides an instructed minimum calm sea speed or power setting to achieve an RTA. This recommendation is based on minimum speed fluctuation, optimizing fuel savings.

Instant market tracking

Respond quickly to changes in hire rate or fuel prices.

Details & Specifications

StormGeo’s Voyage Optimization services are designed to meet the needs of all parties to an operation at sea – before, during and after. The services allow ship operators to perform, quantify and report on voyage cost-saving or RTA decisions. 

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Fuel optimization 

The Master and operations team receive a calculation of the expected voyage time and consumption plus a total cost estimate based on daily hire, speed and overall bunker cost. This allows the Master or Operator to choose the optimal speed. 

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RTA optimization 

The Master and the operations team receive route suggestions to achieve their RTA with minimal speed variation throughout the voyage, thus minimizing fuel consumption. 

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Fuel Optimization Services Plus (FOS+)

Optimize vessel speed to improve voyage performance and return on investment (ROI) with actionable advice from StormGeo’s experts. As a premium service of StormGeo's s-Routing Voyage Optimization, FOS+ identifies the best alternative voyage speed to improve the financial performance of your voyage.

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The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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