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Objectively document ship performance relative to the terms of the Charter Party through independent environmental data.

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Key benefits

Objective performance reports

Each report type can be adjusted to honor the Charter Party on issues such as Emission Control Areas, good weather thresholds, sea surface temperature and period of no adverse/favorable currents.

Unwarranted claim protection

Our analysts can confirm that data in the performance report accurately represents the vessel's speed and consumption on the voyage.

Expert dispute resolution support

StormGeo's Performance Resolution Team is well-versed in the latest arbitration rulings. They can thus accurately validate the approach and data used in the performance report.

Details & Specifications

Voyage Performance Report

An objective and well written Voyage Performance Report reduces time-consuming disputes. StormGeo reports use independent environmental data to help both owners and charterers assess whether a ship has met her contractual charter party obligations. 

Download a Voyage Performance Report sample here.

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Key features of the Voyage Performance Report

Cover page

Gives an at-a-glance overview of the ship’s performance. Color icons show Time Gain, over/under FO and DO fuel consumption. 

Ready EOV Executive Summary

Executive summary

Shows bar graphs for time, fuel oil and distillate oil. Each graph has a bar for each segment of the voyage that contains a unique CP description (ECO speed, Full speed, etc.) Time gain/loss and fuel over/under consumption are shown on this page as calculated for each segment.

Ready EOV Performance Evaluation StormGeo

Performance evaluation 

Contains the details for each segment, such as good weather time, distance and speed. It includes data related to weather, ocean currents and a host of other parameters that contribute to performance speed calculation. 

Download a Voyage Performance Report sample here.

Performance Dispute Resolution Support

With each report comes the risk of performance dispute. StormGeo’s Performance Resolution Team is well versed in the latest arbitration rulings that can help provide the necessary reply to confirm that the approach and data used within the performance report has provided the most accurate time and consumption analysis.

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