Planning Dashboards

The planning forecasts and decision guidance dashboards included in StormGeo Vortex combine advanced forecasting capabilities with the insights and analysis needed to make critical business decisions. They provide a decision support solution that facilitates severe weather preparedness planning, action initiation and execution.

Vortex PlanningDashboards BDG
Key benefits

At-a-glance risk analysis

Color-coded, traffic light threat levels let you know with one glance the threat and risk status at each of your asset locations. 

Central operating view

Analyze the threat to all your assets at once so you can efficiently facilitate severe weather preparedness planning, action initiation and execution. 

Operational efficiency

Weather windows and planning forecasts make it easier to schedule projects when you can reduce the risk of downtime due to weather. 

Details and Specifications


Vortex PlanningDashboards multipointdailybriefing v2

Multipoint daily briefing

Configurable forecast featuring regional or a roll-up of any assets into a color-coded daily summary--color codes and parameters that can be adjusted to highlight specific business impacts. 

Vortex PlanningDashboards BDG v2

Business decisions guidance dashboard

Display specific business impacts caused by weather threats at multiple fixed-asset locations. The dashboard combines StormGeo’s weather forecast with deep business analytics to provide a decision- support solution keyed to specific customer thresholds and risk tolerances. 

Vortex PlanningDashboards LongRangePlanner v2

Long-range planner

Get gives a probabilistic view of the forecast over the next 10 days with adjustable windows that provide an overview of multiple parameters. Risk criteria are easily adjusted and color-coded to provide a quick look at your daily weather sensitive operations. 

Vortex PlanningDashboards weather risk assessment v2

Weather risk assessment

Get a quick overview of the weather risks at all your locations. Custom weather parameters can be set for each location, allowing you to see not just the weather conditions, but a summary of the risk potential for all your assets.

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