Storm Impact Reports

Understanding how weather impacts business operations is just as important as the accuracy of the forecast. Storm Impact Reports provide enterprise-level detail of major weather impacts to business assets. 

Storm Impact Report Landfalling hurricane
Key benefits

Observed conditions

Detailed overview of actual conditions from more than 14 different weather events for each of your locations.

Historical record

Detailed record of the exact conditions experienced at each location acts as a historical record that can be compared for future and historical risk analysis or as backup for insurance claims.

Developed with ESRI ArcGIS

Reports can be delivered in the format that best suits your business needs and allows for easy comparison against other data sources from your organization.

Details & Specifications


Storm Impact Reports v2

Evaluate exactly how the weather is impacting your business, so you can make the right decisions. Reports can be delivered as PDFs with images, Microsoft Excel sheets, with weather impacts for each asset, or interactive mapping applications.

Report types include 14+ weather perils with detailed criteria:

  • Damaging hail
  • Tornado outbreak
  • Major urban flooding
  • Major urban rainfall
  • Ice storm
  • Snowstorm
  • Windstorm
  • Dust/sandstorm
  • Nor’easter
  • Landfalling hurricane
  • Wildfire
  • Tsunami
  • Major earthquake
  • Volcanic eruption

StormGeo Vortex

Location and industry-specific weather forecasts with decision guidance.

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