Warnings & Alerts

Protect assets and people with early, accurate severe-weather monitoring and alerts.

Flooding, lightning, wind and snow can be major business disruptions for weather-sensitive operations. StormGeo provides site-specific monitoring and alerts to protect your assets and employees. Receive daily threat reports forecasting severe weather conditions, and user-defined color-coded alerts for imminent threats. 

Key Benefits


Monitor assets against all types of weather hazards, including lightning, wind and rain, with color-coded proximity and parameter-based alerts and follow-me alerts on your mobile. 

Adjustable Parameters

Reduce over- or under-alerting with adjustable alerting thresholds based on your operational needs and risk tolerance. Alerts can be color-coded to enable at-a-glance understanding of the threats within pre-defined boundaries. 

Safety Assured

Vortex warnings and alerts ensure your employees receive advanced notice of severe threats, and quick notice once the threat has passed, ensuring the safety of your teams, with minimal downtime. 

See our Warnings & Alerts in action:

Details & Specifications 

Vortex WarningsAlerts ThreatID v3

Threat identifications

StormGeo meteorologists identify weather threats up to 10 days in advance—creating polygons around your locations based on weather parameters like rain, snow, sleet accumulations, flood risk, wind speeds, severe thunderstorm risks and more. This gives you increased lead-time on events that may impact your business. Threat identifications include a detailed overview of the weather risk, travel impacts, power outage potential, and forecast confidence. 

Vortex WarningsAlerts Lightning

Thunderstorm and lightning proximity alerts

Advanced notification of dangerous weather conditions, including lightning strikes, heavy rain, hail, strong winds and increased threat of tornadic activity, based on polygons drawn for your exact location and alerting needs. Receive real time alerts for observed lightning strikes for safety and critical infrastructure with lightning sensitivities.

Vortex WarningsAlerts criticaltemps

Critical temperature advisories

Hourly temperature data and forecasts based on user-defined thresholds and parameters, including winds, pressure, humidity and visibility, for when temperatures are critical for your business operations. 

Vortex WarningsAlerts intlalerts

International alerts

International Alerts enhances StormGeo Vortex’s global weather analytics coverage with a single, consistent alerting system by combining government issued alerts with StormGeo’s proprietary alerts and threats polygons for more than 40 countries, with more being added and released regularly.

We understand how quickly weather can affect your operations. Let us help you ensure the safety of your people and minimize disruptions.

StormGeo Vortex

StormGeo Vortex provides advanced analytics and meteorological services, delivering critical decision support for weather sensitive operations. Featuring a first-class web platform with easy access and at-a-glance understanding of the threats to your assets and locations, Vortex is backed by our expert meteorologists available 24/7/365 to guide you through our forecasts and provide custom insights—giving you the confidence to make critical business decisions. 

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