Hurricane and Typhoon Forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis.

Tropical storms and hurricanes are notoriously difficult to predict. With expert tools and meteorologists available 24/7, StormGeo delivers global tropical system updates and business decision guidance directly to you.

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Key benefits

Comprehensive forecasts

Our forecast analysis is based on numerous ensembles rather than one track potential, and is issued earlier than other sources, extending beyond seven days. This gives your company valuable reaction and preparation time.

Continuous support

The TropicsWatch team of meteorologists and tropical storm experts are available 24/7/365 by phone or email to guide your teams through the intricacies of preparing for a tropical cyclone.

Location specific

Weather insights are customized to your specific locations, including current storm conditions, estimated time of arrival based on your actionable triggers, worse case scenarios and more.

Details and Specifications

Tropical storm monitoring and risk analysis.

Decades of tropical forecasting experience, in combination with smart and innovative decision support solutions, make StormGeo’s TropicsWatch the unrivaled forecasting support for your operations in areas prone to typhoons and hurricanes.

daily briefings vortex

Daily Briefings

TropicsWatch team develops a daily briefing for each of the tropical basins. The briefings cover developing tropical systems, existing conditions and the latest forecasts for major tropical events.

Tropical advisories vortex

Tropical advisories

Once a storm has formed, StormGeo generates its own tropical storm forecasts every six hours globally. These advisories feature a longer, seven-day forecast, allowing for extended lead times, and include StormGeo proprietary tools--Threatened Regions from Active Cyclones (TRAC) and the Hurricane Severity Index (HSI)--to provide a full outlook of the storm and its damage potential.

Trigger reports vortex

Decision support

StormGeo's trigger reports ties in with your emergency response plan:

  • Issued as soon as a new alert level is reached.
  • Explains what trigger the new alert level.
  • Details expects time to next alert level.

Video updates

For the Atlantic Basin, update videos are created based on a daily briefing and tropical advisories. These updates by TropicsWatch meteorologists provide in-depth coverage of the latest forecast, allowing you to visualize the situation as the storm progresses. Personalized videos can be requested based on your company needs and specific locations.

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