Reza Arghandeh

Reza Arghandeh

Senior Data Scientist, Bergen

As a member of the Research and Development team, Reza is focused on developing machine learning algorithms to combine and analyze large scale data sets from weather, infrastructure networks and demographics. This helps StormGeo forecast the effects of extreme weather on urban infrastructure and improve emergency response and restoration—an essential application as climate change causes harsher weather.

Reza’s Story

“The solutions we on the R&D team develop directly impact people’s every day lives all around the world, from ocean to sky. That alone is satisfying and encouraging for us.”

Before becoming a Senior Data Scientist for StormGeo, Reza was an Assistant Professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Florida State University from 2015–2018. He also spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the University of California at Berkeley.

Along with his position with StormGeo, Reza is currently a Professor in the Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics and the Director of the Collaborative Intelligent Infrastructure Lab (CI2Lab) at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen, Norway. He says that seeing his PhD students graduate after years of hard work is rewarding, and that “being a mentor gives me the opportunity to watch people grow.”

For the past few years, Reza has been working in a new area of artificial intelligence called causal inference, which pushes the boundaries of AI to make machines think similarly to humans. “This is very exciting,” says Reza. “Currently, machine learning only reveals the associations and similarities between datasets without understanding the cause and effect relationship behind those datasets and systems’ behaviors.”

“Working with data analytics applications to improve the quality of life in cities, much of my career has been memorable and a continuous learning experience.” One particularly interesting case happened recently when Reza’s team studied the impact of hurricanes on the electricity network in some Florida cities. “We showed how local governments and electric utilities can better estimate the most vulnerable population groups and infrastructure assets so that they can better prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.”

In addition to his interest in human-level machine learning, Reza also follows the health of the deep oceans. “Without a healthy ocean, the entire planet will suffer. I am happy my colleagues in StormGeo are committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Ocean Business.”

“I really enjoy the collaborative and innovative culture we have at StormGeo. My team is made up of people with different backgrounds and expertise which makes every day different than the last.”


Data Science, Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Technology, Weather

Recent Publications

In a joint effort with the Western Norway University of Applied Science, Reza recently received a grant from the European Space Agency to study the impact of natural habitant on electric grids using the satellite images. “This project is really exciting, as it requires the development of complex machine learning algorithms.”


Best Paper Award from the ASME-POWER 2012 and the IEEE-PESGM 2015
IBM Faculty Award, 2018


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Professor
IEEE PES Working Group on Big Data Application in Power Distribution Networks, Chairman


Reza holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester, as well as a master’s degree in industrial and systems engineering and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.