CAP 746 – BMO airfield met observer training

Are you responsible for producing unofficial meteorological reports to the standards set out in CAP 746 for BMO? If yes, then this course is tailored to meet the CAA requirement.

StormGeo is a Civil Aviation Authority-approved Airport Meteorological Observer training company.

Key benefits

Cap 746 for BMO

We provide theoretical and practical tuition to help observers produce weather reports to the required CAA standard (see CAP 746, Appendices H & I (BMO). This will ensure safe and efficient aircraft operations.


StormGeo offers met observer training worldwide, including the CAP 437 Offshore Met Observer course and the (EU) 2017/373 and NF-OBS courses for airport met observers.

Details and specifications

CAP 746 – BMO airfield met observer training

The two-day BMO course is designed for met observers at airports that are not certified as a MET Navigation Service Providers and have instrument approach procedures without an instrument runway and/or approach control.

The course includes the following:

  • Providing observations of cloud height and amount and differentiating between TCU and CB.
  • Distinguishing between different present weather phenomena.
  • Observing and reporting visibility, using visibility reference points.
  • Understanding when to report CAVOK.
  • Providing wind, temperature and pressure information including applying instrument and pressure level corrections and using contingency instrumentation.
  • Observing to an acceptable level at night.
  • Providing knowledge of basic meteorology.
  • Providing basic knowledge of met information (including METAR, TAF, aviation warnings and aviation briefing charts). 
  • Establishing/following local reporting procedures.
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Supporting Solutions

CAP 746 airport met observer training

StormGeo is an approved provider of CAP 746 training for aerodrome meteorological observers.

CAP 437 offshore observer training

StormGeo is a certified provider of CAP 437 training for Offshore Meteorological Observers.

Weather decision support

StormGeo's Airport weather forecasts quickly and accurately identify periods of potential service disruption at your airport.