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  • Winter Weather Appreciation Training for Airport Operations Staff
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Winter Weather Appreciation Training for Airport Operations Staff

Ensures airport operations staff are ready for winter 

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Winter Weather Appreciation Training

StormGeo provides ½ day training workshops to help your operational staff make informed weather-related decisions.

StormGeo has over 10 years’ experience in delivering met-related training courses to various weather-sensitive businesses. This includes Weather Appreciation Training for operational staff in the Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind and Aviation industries. We are also authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide airport CAP 746 and offshore CAP 437 Meteorological Observer training, and are now offering NF-OBS training in the US.

Details and Specifications

½-day Winter Weather Appreciation Training

StormGeo’s training workshop ensures your staff can make informed decisions in advance of and during periods of adverse weather.

Benefits to the airport:

  • Correct staffing levels mobilized at the right time
  • Reduction in anti/de-icing fluids and salt costs
  • Reduction in environmental impacts
  • Minimizing airport closure times whilst maintaining safety

Training topics covered:

  • The differences between air temperature and the various surface temperatures
  • Formation of snow/ice/hoar frost/freezing rain etc.
  • Thunderstorms, LVP and HOTs
  • Interpreting METAR/TAF and other forecast output
  • A severe winter weather case study
  • A certificate of attendance is awarded on successful course completion


Winter Weather Appreciation Training

StormGeo can deliver this training at your airport or at our dedicated training center in Aberdeen. Contact maria.pedrosa@stormgeo.com for more information or to arrange a training workshop.