Hail Damage
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Building Policyholder Trust in the Insurance Industry

Right-size Claims Response with Weather Intelligence

The rise of extreme weather events means that loss costs are up 19% with 35% of weather-related claims bring the result of a catastrophic loss. Staggering loss levels are prompting the insurance industry to take a more proactive approach in managing risks, supporting customers and reducing losses.

Weather intelligence services help insurers provide exceptionally accurate advanced notice to customers and customized solutions—including detailed analyses of what just happened—to help you rightsize your claims response and adjust processes and procedures to enhance the quality of future decision-making

This guide provides proven steps and real scenarios to demonstrate how private forecasts help you take action early to prepare for severe weather and build long-lasting relationships with policyholders.

StormGeo Vortex Insurance

Learn how StormGeo helps the insurance industry

StormGeo transforms data into actionable insights for the insurance industry so you can make better business decisions and better serve your policyholders.

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