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Guide: Disaster Preparedness

How to Harness the Lifesaving Power of Twitter in an Emergency

Twitter could literally save your life during an emergency.

This guide will show you how to harness the power of Twitter when traditional communication methods are unavailable.

Twitter is the quickest way to get important and accurate information from credible sources, employees or loved ones, as well as request help from emergency services in times when other communication methods are not an option.

Emergencies caused by severe weather often down phone lines, which cuts off landlines and causes an overload to the system that stops mobile phones from working. This is where Twitter comes in—enabling users to instantly tap into a network of friends, family, colleagues and local officials while monitoring the storm and staying updated on evacuations.

This guide provides the following:

  • How to use Twitter (basics + in an emergency)
  • Main differences and advantages between Twitter and other social media sites
  • Why and how Twitter should be included in a business’ emergency response plan

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