Safeguard people and assets while ensuring optimal use of staff and resources with advanced weather analytics for healthcare facilities.   

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Emergency Preparedness Guide for Hospitals

This guide will help your emergency management team prepare for severe weather events.

  • Overcome the four most common causes of disaster un-preparedness
  • Solutions to the five major challenges emergency managers face
  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist
Storms can wreak havoc on your facilities, putting patients and employees at risk, not to mention, potentially costing millions of dollars.
Key benefits

Patient and employee safety

Customized to your emergency criteria and site location characteristics, StormGeo delivers detailed weather monitoring and alerts to ensure operational efficiency while prioritizing safety.

Maximize operational effectiveness

Increase patient satisfaction and profitability, even in the middle of a weather event. Our planning tools allow you to maximize medical and staff resources and plan operations around disruptive weather. 

Business continuity and decision guidance

Protect lives and facilities with StormGeo's early weather warnings. We will guide you in your decision-making processes, i.e. when to activate emergency disaster plans and/or safely evacuate before your facility is threatened. 

Details and specifications

StormGeo’s customized weather analytics safeguard people and assets while ensuring optimal use of hospital personnel and resources. Using advanced weather analytics, healthcare facilities can effectively communicate and coordinate with emergency services, maximizing the efficiency and safety of hospital patients, employees and physicians.

Realtime evacuation decision making

Evacuations are costly and cause patients considerable distress. Site-specific forecasts allow your emergency management team to confidently decide whether to evacuate or shelter in place. 

Anticipate surge of in-patient admissions 

Patient volumes can unexpectedly increase during severe weather events. StormGeo’s weather forecasting allows hospitals to plan for patient demand spikes and adjust staff schedules, medical consumables and even food supplies. 

Situational awareness 

Our dashboards provide at-a-glance conditions and risk assessments for all your locations days in advance so you can plan and direct resources to where they will be most needed. Staff can stay updated on conditions near their families so they can focus on patient care. 

Your duty of care is always going to place patient and employee safety as a top priority. StormGeo provides you and your healthcare organization with critical information so that your emergency management team can make the very best decisions to minimize risk and exposure. 

We have solutions designed with the healthcare sector in mind. Let us help keep your patients safe and ensure smooth operations.
Supporting Solutions

Warnings and Alerts

Site-specific monitoring and alerts to protect your assets and employees. 

Hurricane and Typhoon Forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis. 

Decision Guidance

Minimize weather risks and delays through accurate and efficient decision support.