Make informed operational decisions that reduce downtime, prevent damage and protect lives with weather guidance provided by business continuity experts and meteorologists.

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Safety Manager Safety Manager

Safety Manager

See how StormGeo can help keep your teams safe:

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment for your team is critical for successful manufacturing operations. Monitoring free weather forecast and storm tracks is time-consuming, and the information is often imprecise and contradictory.

Safety managers use StormGeo’s location-specific advanced forecasts and weather alerts to identify and prepare for hazards—minimizing disruptions and ensuring team member safety. Read the case study below about the safety management processes at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama.
Operations Manager Operations Manager

Operations Manager

See how StormGeo can help reduce your downtime:

Improving operational efficiency and increasing overall production – while maintaining personnel safety – is a critical but demanding task for operations managers globally.

Operations managers rely on the StormGeo weather intelligence platform and expert guidance to translate weather forecasts into actions, so operations can continue without compromising safety or quality. StormGeo’s customizable dashboards, planners and alerts can help you take action when weather threatens to impact your operations, check it out below.
Logistics Manager Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager

See how StormGeo can help you stay on schedule:

Streamlining supply chain and warehouse management requires timely and accurate data to avoid disruptions. Logistics managers use StormGeo’s integrated weather intelligence and critical event data to increase visibility of potential disruptions on-site and across the supply chain and make necessary adjustments to reduce delays.
Plant Manager Plant Manager

Plant Manager

See how StormGeo can help improve your profitability:

Weather impacts to facilities, supply chains, logistics and employees can cause business disruptions and negative impacts to performance metrics and production goals. Plant managers use StormGeo to empower teams to confidently and swiftly act on threats, reducing costs, improving profitability and protecting lives and assets.

*StormGeo saved WestRock $4 million during one weather event, find out how below.*
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Key Manufacturing Benefits

Leading global manufacturers use StormGeo to eliminate uncertainty about critical business decisions based on weather.

We support management and top decision makers with customized weather monitoring, environmental concerns and potential unsafe situations for employees. 

Warnings and alerts flooding StormGeo v2

Protect people and assets with early, accurate severe weather monitoring and alerts.

  • Respond with confidence to weather hazards per location.
  • Clear insights into how the forecast will impact business operations and logistics. 
  • Global alerts provide one source of truth for all monitored sites.
  • More than weather, see potential disruptions from public safety and critical event alerts. 
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Advanced forecasting, insights and analysis needed to make critical business decisions.

  • Plan preventive maintenance around optimal weather.
  • Identify optimal weather windows for loading/unloading shipments, moving loads around warehouse.
  • Monitor your facilities and your suppliers’ facilities so you can stay ahead of potential supply chain disruption.
  • Integrate into existing systems, workflows and procedures.
meteorologists Decision guidance Stormgeo

Access to our team of experts to make critical business decisions with confidence 24/7.

  • Get detailed timeframes for weather events aligned with your response plan actions, so you can maximize efficiency without compromising safety.
  • Expert meteorologists who know your business available to answer questions about how the weather will impact your operations.
  • Translate weather forecasts into actions based on locations risk tolerance with customizable dashboards, planners and alerts.
Maintain operations through all weather events. Request a walkthrough of the StormGeo Portal to see how.
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Download Guide

Minimize the Impact of Severe Weather on Business Operations

This how-to guide was designed to help operational leaders respond to production delays and safety issues caused by weather.

  • Learn how weather impacts your manufacturing operations
  • Implement the five steps to proactive response planning
  • Leverage weather intelligence to make critical business decisions
Download the ebook now and become better prepared to proactively meet the challenges of severe weather events.
Case Study Data

Average cost per hour an assembly line is shut down due to severe weather.


Average annual shutdowns faced by auto assembly facilities as a result of severe weather.


Personnel protected by StormGeo at the Mercede-Benz facility.

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How Mercedes-Benz U.S. uses timely, accurate forecasts to maintain safe operations

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