Public Sector

StormGeo provides schools and government agencies with clear and consistent, actionable weather insights to guide critical decision-making to ensure public safety and operational efficiency.  

Public Sector school districts and local government winter weather advisory
Key benefits

Accuracy without hype

Our focus is on providing clear and precise forecasts for your specific districts—giving you the straight facts with guidance from our expert meteorologists—so you can confidently make those critical decisions. 

Protect public safety

When public safety is paramount, our early warnings and alerts give you time to seek shelter and prepare for the storm, with an all-clear to let you know when you can get back to your event or job.

Efficient Planning

We provide efficient planning when factoring weather conditions with our web-based dashboard. It displays current and forecast weather threats for multiple fixed asset locations with intuitive color-coded, traffic-light indicators. 

Details and specifications 

StormGeo delivers customized weather analytics for school districts, universities, and state and local government agencies. Confidently evaluate conditions and make informed decisions based on scientific data, expert insights and forecasts precisely calibrated to your location and risk parameters.

Consider these scenarios and how StormGeo can help you maintain operational efficiency and manage costs during:

Delays and closures

Weather delays and closures are inevitable. It is important to know the weather ahead of time to anticipate hazards and alert crew members to be on standby for a quick reopening.


Evacuations are a major feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly and should only be done during critical weather events that have the potential to jeopardize public safety. An unnecessary evacuation can erode public confidence when the next major threat occurs. In addition to having clear, easy to understand information about the weather threat, you also receive 24/7 access to expert meteorologists to answer your questions by phone or email.

Outdoor events

Receive hourly forecasts in a color-coded weather window design, so you can at-a-glance determine risk levels from critical temperatures, lightning, high speed winds, excessive rainfall and winter weather at your chosen locations. Receive quick alerts when your outdoor events and spaces may be impacted, and all-clear notifications once the threat has passed.

Analysis of weather impacts

Following a major weather disaster, the effort to reopen and get back to normal begins. We provide reports and tools that identify the exact conditions experienced at a specific location, allowing you to prioritize recovery efforts.

Coordinating with emergency services and other agencies

The hallmark of a successful weather response is clear and consistent communication. Ensure all the agencies you coordinate with are operating with the same information by providing clear weather reports that are easy to share and understand.  

We have solutions designed with the public sector in mind. Let us help keep your community safe.
Supporting Solutions

Warnings and Alerts

Site-specific monitoring and alerts to protect your assets and employees. 

Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis. 

Decision Guidance

Minimize weather risks and delays through accurate and efficient decision support.