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StormGeo’s advanced weather analytics protects people, inventory and facilities to ensure weather doesn’t keep you from operating efficiently. 

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Minimize the Impact of Severe Weather on Business Operations

This how-to guide was designed to help operational leaders minimize the impacts and safety risks caused by severe weather.

  • Learn how weather impacts your business operations
  • Implement the five steps to proactive response planning
  • Leverage weather intelligence to make critical business decisions
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Key benefits

Predict demand, manage inventory

Maximize sales by ensuring you have enough inventory when customers need it most with our extended weather outlooks.  

Protection for employees, customers and facilities

During a weather disaster the service industry is critical to the smooth operations of the community. Ensure essential employees and customers can come and go safely from your locations with our location specific forecasts and warnings. 

Last to close, first to open

StormGeo’s highly accurate alerts allow retail and hospitality businesses to continue serving communities and still shut down safely before the storm. By taking advantage of our ‘all-clear’ signal, stores, hotels and restaurants can rapidly re-open with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the weather threat has passed. 

Details and specifications

The retail and hospitality industries are heavily impacted when adverse weather strikes.  Weather conditions can make or break a business. What is perceived as bad weather can keep customers from venturing out, while unexpected pleasant conditions can drive more business to your door than you’re prepared to contend with.   

These factors can affect both a business' reputation and its bottom line. In addition, when severe weather events occur, the retail and hospitality industries are often relied on to provide food, shelter and safety to surrounding community members in need.   

Managers need timely, site-specific weather intelligence and expert support in order to protect people (both staff and customers), property and the business reputation from the severe weather hazards.   

StormGeo offers solutions to help retail and hospitality businesses prepare the appropriate response plans and minimize the effects of severe weather events.

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Supporting Solutions

Warnings and Alerts

Site-specific monitoring and alerts to protect your assets and employees. 

Hurricane and Typhoon Forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis. 

Business Decision Guidance

Minimize weather risks and delays through accurate and efficient decision support.