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Hurricane Preparedness

Everything you need before, during and after hurricane season

Everything you need before, during and after hurricane season

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Hurricane Preparedness Services

StormGeo provides the tools, resources and services needed to lessen the effects of potentially devastating tropical storms and hurricanes. Conventional weather forecasting is not enough to manage the challenges these powerful weather events bring with them.

Key benefits

Improve Your Disaster Response

Get a clear, actionable plan for each tropical storm, hurricane or cyclone that is custom to your business.

Reduce Risk

Increase the security of your family, home and/or business with accurate, timely information that allows you to make the best decisions.

Improve Operational Efficiency

With StormGeo's proprietary weather models, our customers receive daily interactive hurricane monitoring and tracking that will increase the efficiency of your business before, during and after a storm.

TropicsWatch: The Tropical Storm Solution

TropicsWatch allows you to monitor hurricane activity in real-time through an interactive, site-specific portal that gives daily video briefings and automatic alerts.

With unique features such as our Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), our suite of timeline tools and a dedicated team of tropical meteorologists on duty 24/7, you can be fully prepared for any impending storm. Listen to Medxcel's Scott Cormier talk about how StormGeo and TropicsWatch helped them manage the threat to their hospitals from Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Preparedness Solutions

Hurricane Drills

StormGeo’s hurricane experts design custom drills to help your organization prepare for and respond to an impending tropical threat, while also testing and giving feedback on any existing emergency plans.

Executive Hurricane Briefings

Educational hurricane briefings and tropical seasonal outlooks are delivered to upper management and executive leadership. This presentation also includes a live forecast for the upcoming season.

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Hurricane Florence

During the course of Hurricane Florence's development and through the storm's landfall, the StormGeo TropicsWatch team closely monitored the storm — developing real-time, daily video updates with forecasts and expected impacts. Watch these updates to get a feel for our TropicsWatch services.

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