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New tools and technology for the offshore industry

Feb 20, 2017

Deep Sea Mooring is partnering with StormGeo

Taken from Offshore Magazine, February 2017

Mooring efficiencies today are highly dependent on providing answers with engineering data and response forecasting crucial to ensuring that the right decisions in mooring and other maritime operations are made. It is with this in mind that Deep Sea Mooring looks to provide expertise in hydrodynamic and vessel motion analysis; mooring and dynamic positioning (DP) analysis; and probabilistic and deterministic stability analysis.

With the support of a data analysis server, the company can carry out 120 engineering simulations in parallel, thereby shortening computational times, reducing assumptions and simplifications, and delivering highly accurate engineering analysis for customers. One such engineering example is availability and forecast response analysis to facilitate the link-up of floating offshore accommodation platforms (also known as flotels) to their main rigs with an impact on both DP positioning and mooring.

To this end, Deep Sea Mooring is partnering with StormGeo, a provider of weather forecasting and decision support services for weather sensitive operations, to combine hydrodynamic software and weather forecasts to accurately predict the relative movement for all ship types and floating structures. At a time of increased offshore complexities and relentless focus on the bottom line, it is clear that mooring technologies need to step up to meet the demanding criteria of operators, drilling contractors, and rig operators today. Through added value and increasing innovation, this is being achieved.

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