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Asset Risk Management

Offshore, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, LNG and Personnel Protection

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StormGeo’s Onshore Oil & Gas solutions help operators minimize downtime and optimize production and profitability.

Most shale operations are carried out in extreme environments vulnerable to weather-related risks. Operators must respond quickly to events that threaten operations, equipment and employees. These include lightning, tornadoes, extreme heat or cold, flood and high winds. 

Upstream Key Benefits

Minimize Downtime

Respond quickly to hazardous operations and mitigate any potential risks to your operations.

  • Site-specific, 24/7 global weather monitoring and alerts
  • Severe thunderstorm, tornado and lightning monitoring

Optimize Production Planning

Accurate weather forecasts that enable you to understand and prepare for demand fluctuations.

  • Alerts for high winds, flooding and tropical storms
  • Fog forecasting

Increase Productivity

Plan staffing according to the demand.

  • Critical temperature advisories to protect personnel
  • Employee resiliency solutions and training (Hurricane preparedness)


Oil and Gas Plant Lightning4Pipeline operators face all kinds of weather-related threats, including flood, slope degradation, landslides, earthquakes, lightning, thunderstorms, wildfires and power outages.

With mounting pressure from industry regulators, pipeline operators must also maintain high safety levels while running efficient operations with minimal downtime. 

Midstream Key Benefits

Safeguard Operations

Prepare for extreme weather conditions that could lead to business interruption and loss of revenue.

  • Severe thunderstorm, tornado and lightning alerts
  • Predictive landslide risk monitoring and satellite wildfire monitoring

Crew Safety

Know if and when it's time to evacuate your crew.

  • Critical temperature advisories

Reduce Costs

We provide tools that help you predict maintenance costs based on comprehensive weather data.

  • Identification of pipelines threatened by earthquake risk


Severe weather-related conditions such as power failures, floods, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, heat, humidity and blizzards can undermine or derail your petrochemical plant operations. Each facility faces unique business challenges and safety requirements based on the chemicals produced and the surrounding environment. StormGeo helps you stay on track when extreme conditions strike—helping to protect your employees and business assets.

Downstream Key Benefits

Safety of Operations

Stop extreme weather-related conditions from undermining the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Safety of Crew

Take proactive measures to protect your crew before extreme conditions strike.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

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LNG operations are sensitive to the slightest changes in weather – with slight temperature variations causing large impacts on production, and fog and sea conditions leading to delays in delivery. StormGeo’s end-to-end solutions provide greater weather intelligence from site planning, construction to operations, so you can stay ahead of the weather and maximize production.

LNG Key Benefits

Optimize Production Planning

Advanced, accurate weather forecasts that allow you to prepare for extreme conditions and reduce interruptions and losses.

  • 14-day Ensemble Probability Forecasts
  • Critical Temperature Advisories
  • Foresight Long-range temperature outlooks 

Smoother Logistics

Planning forecasts that allow you to optimize weather windows and stay on schedule and reduce costs of delays.

  • Point-specific Fog, Wind and Tidal forecasts for docks and terminals
  • Marine forecast and ship routing solutions to optimize your global supply chain

Personnel Safety

Proactive alerts increase lead time when activating Response Plans providing additional protection to crews.

  • Lightning Visualization and Proximity Alerts
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Real-time Temperature and Wind Exceedance Alerts