Nena Analysis Webinar Series

[On Demand] Nena Analysis Webinar Series: Episode 1

Nena Analysis Webinar Series: Episode 1

For power market professionals, an objective analysis into the possible short and long-term effects on the continental power markets can be influential towards assessments for long-term decisions or future risks and possibilities in the short-term.

Now with the global pandemic making its effects on the continental power markets, we have created the StormGeo Nena Analysis webinar series, which will focus on the continental power markets and our new spot and short-term analysis model. So stay tuned for more episodes during the whole of 2020

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  • How we improved our hourly spot and short-term analysis for the next day, current week and next three weeks for Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands to solve the supply and demand, flow, and price formation in all countries simultaneously in order to find a valid and stable solution.

  • Q & A session with our analysts on the benefits of the continental model, why the analysis is different from other forecast providers and more.

Tune in for episode 2, more details to be announced 18th May, 2020.

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Key Speakers

Sigurd P. Lie, Senior Analyst

9 v2

Sigbjørn Seland, Chief Analyst

7 v2

Maria Augutis, Meteorologist