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Virtual Nena Energy Session Invite

2020 Virtual Nena Energy Session

We are pleased to invite you to the 27th Nena Energy Session, which will be held online on November 4, 2020. Get updates from the Nena analysts on Nordic, German/CWE power markets.

A meteorologist from StormGeo will give a weather update for the coming winter in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. The session is targeting traders, analysts, investors and anyone with a short, medium or long term exposure to the energy markets.

Each presentation will provide an opportunity for Q&A directly with the Nena analysts. Buyers of Nena’s 2020 fall edition of Nordic Power Outlook 2021-2045 will be offered a separate presentation of the long term report.

For more info on the Nena Energy Session, click here.


Register in the form to the right or at within October 31st 2020

Admission fee for the virtual Nena Energy Session:

  • Free of charge for Nena clients (Does not include long term presentation)
  • Buyers of Nordic Power Outlook Fall 2020 are invited to join long term presentation from 13:00 to 14:00
  • NOK 2500 ex. VAT for non-clients (Subject to availability. Does not include long term presentation)

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From 13:00 till 14:00

Exclusive presentation of Nordic power long term for clients of "Nordic Power Outlook 2021-2045" Fall 2020 edition available now.

From 14:00 till 15:30

Nena analysts give you updated views on power and the global energy complex for the short to medium term.

Presentations will be held in three sessions, including:

  • Weather update for the coming winter in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe
  • Nordic power market updates
  • Continental power market updates

Every presentation will include a Q&A session.


  • Nordic power – Main trends in the market and price scenarios for coming winter and year - By chief analyst Sigbjørn Seland, senior analyst Pål Svendsen and analyst Vegard Svarstad

  • Continental power status and scenarios coming winter and year - By senior analyst Bengt Longva, Sigurd P. Lie and analyst Simen Valåmo
  • Weather scenario coming winter in Europe and Nordic countries - By meteorologist Roar Teigen, StormGeo