Offshore wind

Safer and more efficient wind farm installation and maintenance with advanced weather analytics.

Our weather forecasting system for offshore wind gives exact metocean characteristics of the wind farm and for more than 15 years, StormGeo has provided developers, owners and operators with weather forecasting and decision support for their offshore operations, helping to ensure safety and efficiency.

Key benefits


StormGeo's services are subject to the highest levels of quality control, from the supervision and correction of each forecast to the overall quality management of all data.


StormGeo's services are highly customizable and can be adjusted to match the need of each client and project.


StormGeo's services are based on our experience from decades of offshore and marine forecasting from around the globe and having local meteorologists available 24/7.

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Featured products
StormGeo Vortex

Offshore weather forecasting

Provides advanced, flexible and continuous decision support to offshore operations anywhere in the world.

StormGeo Vortex

Hurricane and typhoon forecasting

Interactive tropical storms and hurricane monitoring, tracking and impact analysis.

StormGeo Vortex

Warnings and alerts

Lighting warning service for Offshore Wind allows you to track lightning systems in real time.

StormGeo Vortex

Decision guidance

Minimize weather risks and delays through accurate and efficient decision support.

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