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Critical Alerting, Monitoring and Planning for Land-Based Severe Weather

Critical Alerting, Monitoring and Planning for Land-Based Severe Weather

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Flooding, lightning, wind and snow can be major business disruptions for weather-sensitive operations. StormGeo provides site-specific alerts, forecasts and planning tools to protect your assets and employees.


Monitor assets against all types of weather hazards, including lightning, wind and rain, with color-coded proximity and parameter-based alerts and follow-me alerts on mobile.

Planning Resources

Our 10-day and long-range forecasts with easy-to-read dashboards allow you to optimize operations and minimize disruptions. Fortify your assets and better prepare for the next major weather event with our After-Action Impact Reports.

Weather Partners

When your facilities are threatened by severe weather, our meteorologists are available 24/7/365 to guide you through our forecasts and provide custom insights—giving you the confidence to make critical business decisions.

StormWatch Key Service Features

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Threat Identifications

StormGeo meteorologist identify weather threats up to 10 days in advance—creating polygons around your locations based on weather parameters like rain, snow, sleet accumulations, flood risk, wind speeds, severe thunderstorm risks and more. This gives you increased lead-time on scenarios that impact your business. These threat identifications can include travel impacts, power outage potential/extent, and confidence along with details on the weather parameters.

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Color-Coded Alerts

Customizable alerts are set by client-specific parameters based on their risk tolerances and are color-coded to enable at-a-glance, intuitive understanding of the threats within pre-defined boundaries.

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Business Decision Guidance Dashboard

Our web-based dashboard within the StormGeo Vortex Portal displays potential business impacts from weather threats at multiple fixed-asset locations. Get clear insight with drill-down capability for all locations to aid in your decision making.

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Site Forecasts

Hourly, daily and long-term forecasts for all monitored locations. In these, we provide a configurable, detailed summary of meteorological conditions for each location. Time-intervals and color-coded parameters can also be configured.