Lightning striking a grid.

Utility Operators

Safety and availability of power

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StormGeo does not just provide data solutions; we are the 24/7 weather department that understands your business.

Utility crews are constantly faced with weather risks while on the job and their safety is paramount. We offer lightning proximity alerts and much more.

Power cost reduction is also a priority; our peak shaving program effectively forecasts your highest consumption. Add to this that our damage modeling forecasts equipment fatigue and predicts grid weather reactions.

Decision support for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Utility companies have complex needs for support that go well beyond an accurate weather forecast.

When is a catastrophic event likely to happen and how will the grid be affected? When should maintenance be done? In partnership with utility operators, we have developed probabilistic weather window tools that support resource scheduling optimization.


Sharing our cutting-edge knowledge

We have developed sound strategies and expertise tailored precisely to the needs of the renewables industry.

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