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Crew Safety

Protect your crew with Advanced Weather Alerts

Protect your crew with Advanced Weather Alerts

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Key Benefits

Protect Your Crew

StormGeo puts crew safety on the front line through advanced weather technology.

Timely Information

Our meteorologists are available round-the-clock.

Discover why you need to have an up-to-date plan for lightning and how StormGeo helps prevent catastrophic injury and bolster worker safety through advanced weather technology.

Details and Specifications

Utility crews are constantly faced with weather risks while on the job. As a result, regulatory environments such as OSHA are now requiring employers to provide documented safety standards that pertain to weather hazards including (and especially) lightning.

  • High winds can lead to boom failure and potential harm to crews
  • A single lightning strike can turn into a catastrophic, even fatal disaster
  • Flood waters can strand crews out in the field, putting them in harm's way
  • Hurricanes can wipe out entire regions in an instant.
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StormGeo puts crew safety on the front line by

  • Pushing lightning proximity alerts to your crew's smart phones based on their GPS coordinates – keeping them ahead of the weather
  • Determining an alert perimeter, response time, and all clear to match your unique emergency plan
  • Working with your emergency teams to fully optimize your plan for weather and help execute training & drills
  • Fully meeting OSHA's new standards for weather hazard safety