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Commercial and Technical Performance

Commercial and Technical Performance


FleetDSS integrates weather, voyage reporting, sensor data and expert assistance to provide profound levels of decision support to ship owners or liner and tramp operators.

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For owners

Make data-driven, commercial decisions and create awareness.

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KPI Dashboard

Provides a quick overview of when your fleet, a group of vessels or individual vessels are deployed. How many days have been spent at sea? What types of fuel have been consumed? FleetDSS displays your most important KPIs in one comprehensive diagram.

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Event Timeline

View a complete voyage history in chronological order and access all voyage reports submitted by the Master. Add events in relation to ship condition or vessel availability such as hull cleaning, propeller polishing, dry-docking, off-hire, etc.

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Operating Profile

Display a ship’s operating profile for a specific time-span or individual legs. FleetDSS shows crucial parameters at a glance—including performance speed, trim, cargo utilization, engine load, trading in good/bad weather and ECA zones.

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Analysis Report

Receive an in-depth voyage performance analysis against the commercial description. Access the indicated performance speed based on defined “good weather” criteria. See the calculated time and fuel gained or lost compared to benchmarks.

Alert Dashboard 2

Alert Dashboard

Streamline the daily, routine work of fleet management by identifying vessels that need attention. FleetDSS continuously checks thresholds and ranges of various vessel parameters, triggering alarms when thresholds for their respective ranges are exceeded.



Compare different vessels within your fleet regarding technical performance and reporting quality on a monthly basis. Monitor scores and trends over the last 6 months and identify “best in-class vessel”. Share scorecard results with the vessel’s command to create awareness and reveal potential for improvement to support fuel performance initiatives.


Analytics - turning data into decisions


Keep track of voyage performance

Easily assess a ship’s voyage progress when routed by StormGeo. Confidence levels, based on ensemble forecasts, as well as speed & consumption variance help you estimate the economic impact on the voyage.

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ETA & Speed Confidence

How reliable is the calculated ETA, based on instructed speed or the recommended speed, in order to arrive as per schedule? Be advised if the ETA or the schedule integrity is at risk.

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Speed & Consumption Variance

Keep control of fuel costs and assess potential fuel savings, which can be realized by adjusting the speed for the remaining voyage, or calculate how much additional fuel needs to be burned in order to arrive earlier.

7.2.4.Progress Graph2x

Progress Graph

How diligently is the Master following the constant power strategy? Compare actual to optimum voyage progress at a constant power output in order to arrive fuel-efficient on time as required per schedule.

7.2.3.Consuption Variance2x

Compare your fleet against the market

Compare the fuel efficiency of your vessel to a peer group of the same ship type, a similar size and age of the global fleet. Benchmark the commercial performance of your vessels in terms of fuel efficiency as well as Charter Party description to the market.

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Info Board

Monitor essential commercial performance parameter of your fleet aimed to be operated in line with C/P settings. Allows the individual operators to select their vessels for daily review and enables tramp operators to recognize performance deficiencies as early as possible.

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Overview Board

The Overview Board allows compiling your own customized dashboard. Interactively select and arrange widgets of your interest ensuring to have the right information readily available to make informed decisions and to take immediate action.

Map & Showroom

One map that has it all

Display ship positions and vessel tracks of an entire fleet, instantly. See where your assets are trading, which ports are being called and if your fleet is encountering heavy weather conditions, operating in environmentally controlled areas or passing war-risk areas.

Is your vessel drifting uncontrollably due to a fire on board or an engine breakdown?
Validate the local conditions at the given ship position on the map, check distance to shore and create appropriate emergency response measures.

Need to investigate past tracks or ship performance along a certain leg in order to resolve a performance dispute?
With FleetDSS, ship positions and tracks, aligned with analyzed weather data, are stored for 5 years and can be viewed retrospectively.

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7.3.1.Track Vessels2x

Track Vessels

Display track and position data from different sources, e.g. actual track, BVS track or AIS data. You can view past positions and tracks as well as estimated future positions.

7.3.2.Weather Data2x

Weather Data

Enrich your fleet positions with all essential weather data, such as surface pressure, wind, significant wave heights, current, tropical storm or ice data. FleetDSS provides a weather forecast up to 16 days ahead.

Port Services

Port Forecasts

You can also access the port weather forecast up to 4 days ahead.

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Loop through your fleet! Overlay the vessels on the map with weather data and other essential objects. Select the necessary information you want to display on a fleet level as well as the information indicating the operational status of an individual vessel.


Report in Compliance with EU MRV and IMO DCS

FleetDSS supports you in fulfilling the regulatory obligations of your company to monitor and report emissions data to the European Commission and Flag State. FleetDSS helps you compile and generate monitoring plans and annual emissions reports into one application and supports you in verifying the emissions data.

Read more about EU MRV regulations  Read more about IMO DCS regulations 


Do even more with Fleet DSS

7.4.1.Routing Request2x

Routing Request

Fill in routing service requests online. Actively support your fleet and order routing-on-request if adverse weather conditions may affect a ship’s stability and cause risk to the crew, cargo or environment.

7.4.2.End of Voyage Reports2x

Voyage Performance Report

Access all voyage performance reports, which provide an analysis of the vessel’s performance in relation to Charter Party. These are compiled by StormGeo at the end of a voyage.

7.4.3.KPI Monitor2x

Auto-Logged Data

Chart auto-logged data in FleetDSS Analytics and add baselines for comparison. Align and compare sensor data to reported data and differentiate between random, systematic and human errors.

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