Navigational Compliance

Digital publications and ENCs available onboard enables smooth regulation compliance in one easy-to-use workflow.

With a digital publications library that updates automatically, manual updates are a thing of the past and you comply with SOLAS regulations at all times. Upload company-specific documents such as ISM documents, checklists and emergency plans from the shore office.

Key benefits

Instant access to digital charts and publications

Instantly download books, publications and charts from leading maritime publishers.  
With ENCs and publications automatically updated, you won’t get caught off-guard at port control when showing update logs.

Multi-variable route optimization

Route optimization is integrated with voyage planning, charts and publication management into one workflow for efficient navigational planning.

Best-in-class weather intelligence

Take advantage of the best weather intelligence in the industry. It combines high-quality data with the expertise of route analysts and fleet performance experts to support your decision-making. Our hurricane and typhoon center issues timely updates ahead of most models.

Featured products

s-Planner | Charts

Quickly select, buy, update and renew the Electronic Navigational Charts you need. Optimize your route for least fuel, least cost, required arrival time or least time. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

s-Planner | Publications

Get immediate access to an up-to-date digital publications library. Eliminate physical publication shipments and upload or share documents with a vessel or your entire fleet. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of UKHO's ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

s-Insight | Log

Keep track of event and snapshot data, incorporating manual and automatic aggregate crew and vessel insights into one data stream.

s-Insight | Commercial

Get a complete overview of your entire fleet independent of hardware, including fuel and time information you can act on immediately.

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Hero Shipping Tier 1

Fuel and emissions saved with StormGeo *weather routing

2018 - today

Cars Sustainability MT fuel saved
House Lightbulb Sustainability MT CO2 saved

*This figure assumes an average 2.5% fuel reduction by weather routing (GloMEEP, [no date]; ICCT, 2011), 3:1 CO2 to fuel savings (Krantz, 2016), a fuel consumption of 30 MT per day and average speed of 12.5 kn per hour, and using annual averages of distance, days and fuel consumption per route.