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Navigator Onboard

Voyage Planning & Route Optimization

Reduces stress, time and workload of the crew onboard

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Integrate all voyage planning elements into one optimal work-flow with focus on usability and connectivity

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StormGeo also offers NaviPubs, a digital Books and Publications Service including instant download capabilities for a true “order when needed” approach. NaviPubs is delivered on a purpose made tablet for better visibility and ease of navigation on the touchscreen, the NaviTab.

NaviPlanner BVS

Master mariners have been plotting the best routes from port to port for decades. Imagine being able to plot a route based on this information in seconds. StormGeo’s NaviPlanner BVS makes this possible.

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A Captain's Story on short sea shipping and the coastal trade

StormGeo received the following letter from Captain Tjeerd Schippers involved in the northern European trading arena. We believe his comments stand on their own and do not require additional comment from StormGeo.

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