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Route Advisory Services

Route Advisory Services


We find your most efficient route — and keep your crew, vessel, and cargo safe.

key benefits

Time and/or Fuel Savings

We integrate vessel specifications, such as vessel type, age, stability, cargo, and speed, as well as environmental factors in our system – and then our experienced team of weather routing experts identifies the optimal route. A high value Vessel Performance Report is generated for each voyage.

Improved Safety

Comprehensive alerts, such as vessel motion alerts, proximity to heavy weather and/or tropical cyclones and many other parameters aid our Routing Experts in addressing the most urgent routing decisions in a timely fashion.

Data Supporting the Optimal Route Advice for the Captain.

The crew onboard can easily import the route files suggested by StormGeo's Routing Experts into BVS for visualization and verification, while the operations onshore can easily assess the voyage progress in FleetDSS.

Details and Specifications

We understand the challenges faced by vessel operators:

  • Which route will minimize the risk of damage to vessel and cargo?
  • How to sail the optimal route with minimal cost?
  • How to arrive at a fixed time or to achieve the required ETA?

Our highly experienced Route Analysts take into account vessel specifications, such as vessel type, age, stability, cargo, and speed, as well as weather elements, such as, ocean currents, sea temperature, winds, swell, ice and numerous factors to provide captains and fleet managers with strategic and tactical guidance along an optimum route.

StormGeo's Routing Team is available 24/7.

Subscribe now and get access to the most experienced Weather Route Analysts in the industry, many of them with more than 30 years of experience.

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Predict your ship’s dynamics to limit the Risk of Severe Motions

StormGeo is the only shore-based ship routing company to use vessel and voyage-specific severe motion alerts based on the vessel size, draft, stability, speed, heading, and waves.

Alerts show where severe motions are most likely to occur along a route, and indicate headings and/or speeds to minimize the impact of heavy weather damage.

C/P Speed and Performance Analysis

StormGeo End of Voyage analysts have a wealth of experience and resources available to ensure the most accurate and unbiased performance speed and fuel consumptions are computed. This industry leading information is shared quickly with commercial operations to ensure your ability to act quickly.

StormGeo has a variety of report options to suit the variety of unique Charter Parties, descriptions and good weather terms that prevail in today’s market ensuring the right solution for your needs.

Download a Voyage Performance Report sample here.

Watch the webinar recording and download the pdf presentation

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Topics covered during the webinar

  • What are some common misconceptions of ship routing?
  • What is its value proposition?
  • How to identify and calculate the real Return on Investment of ship routing services
  • What is a Route Advisory Pre-Plan?
  • How to use the data collected from ship routing services to an additional benefit to Ship Operators
  • Q&A Session

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StormGeo Route Analyst

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Give us the vessel and voyage specs, we give you the optimal route.