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Fuel/RTA Optimization Services

Fuel/RTA Optimization Services


Perform, quantify and report on cost-saving and Required Time of Arrival (RTA) decisions

key benefits

Plan the most fuel-efficient passage to achieve a Required Time of Arrival (RTA)

StormGeo provides an instructed minimum calm sea speed or power setting to achieve a Required Time of Arrival. This recommendation is provided on the basis of minimal speed fluctuation, maximizing fuel savings.

Manage total voyage costs pre-voyage and en-route

Efficiently monitor and report speed and consumption cost savings to management.

Respond quickly to market changes

Respond immediately to any changes in hire rate or fuel prices.

Details and Specifications

StormGeo’s Fuel/RTA Optimization Services are designed to meet the needs of all parties involved in the operations—before, during and after every sea passage. The services allow ship operators to perform, quantify and report on voyage cost-savings or Required Time of Arrival (RTA) decisions.

Fuel Optimization

The Master and operations team receive a calculation of the expected voyage time, consumption and total cost estimate on the basis of the daily hire, speed and overall bunker cost. This allows the Master or Operator to select the optimal speed.

RTA Optimization

The Master and the operations team receive route suggestions to achieve their Required Time of Arrival, with minimal speed variation throughout the voyage, thus minimizing fuel consumption.

Access to industry-leading service and experience throughout the voyage

Communication and Collaboration Between Ship and Shore

StormGeo's Fuel/RTA Optimization Services give you:

  Shore-side Operator Ship Master
  • Pre-voyage plan along the most efficient route and alternate routes
  • 4-day graphical forecast
  • Overal en route time to make RTA (applicable to RTA Optimization Services)
  • Fuel consumption and total voyage cost estimate (applicable to Fuel Optimization Services)
  • Provided with the most efficient safe route in terms of least cost or on-time arrival
  • Daily Fleet Status reports
  • Real-time en-route fuel consumption and voyage cost analysis via FleetDSS
  • Voyage Alerts
  • Continuous en route messages
  • Voyage and fuel consumption details
  • Access to 24/7 Master's hotline
Post voyage  

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Topics covered during the webinar

  • What are some common misconceptions of ship routing?
  • What is its value proposition?
  • How to identify and calculate the real Return on Investment of ship routing services
  • What is a Route Advisory Pre-Plan?
  • How to use the data collected from ship routing services to an additional benefit to Ship Operators
  • Q&A Session

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